Google Glass With Your Own Eyeglasses

Google appears to have Top Men looking into a future where the clever bits of Google Glass can be integrated into your own spectacles. It's all very scientific, of course, but the upshot is you get much of the Google Glass experience, without needing to wear the device itself. As the Google Glass hardware itself is not widely available yet, and there have already been some been some privacy concerns over the possibility of Glass wearers taking candid photos or videos, it remains to be seen if a Glass-less Glass will ever actually be commercially available. While I suspect the main aim of Glass is to provide platform to allow Google to chuck adverts straight at your eyeballs, it is intriguing to think of being able to use a head's up computer interface with my own glasses...
The design detailed in U.S. patent application 20130207887 calls for a small display to be mounted onto the surface of the lens of a pair of glasses. The display and a companion light source are located on the periphery of the lens and the image is funneled to the area in front of the user’s eye with a couple of optical beam splitters—passive optical devices that bend and route light.

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