Keeping Your Web Browser Cleaner, Safer

You often hear that you should perform cleanup and preventative maintenance on your PC - and indeed you should. You might want to pay particular attention to your browser(s), as it is usually the primary piece of software that most of us use to connect to the Internet (where the Wild Things are). PCWorld has a new article on just this topic - "How to clean and secure your browser like a pro".
The Internet runs on ads, but when you see them in your browser, your first instinct should be to run the other way—fast. The lion’s share of the Internet is wallpapered with tacky ads that invite you to “Lose 15 lbs. with this 1 weird tip” and load your browser with spyware in the process. In other corners of the Web, you might download a free game or a piece of music from an untrustworthy site, ending up with malicious adware that hitched a ride along with it.

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