Microsoft *Really* Wants You To Dump Windows XP

Microsoft  - understandably, from their point of view - wants you to get rid of Windows XP, the geriatric operating system that stubbornly refuses to give up the ghost. I even have a countdown on this blog to when Microsoft will actually stop supporting XP, as far as issuing security updates next year. If you DO still use XP at that point, and you connect to the Internet, you should probably think seriously about upgrading, or moving to Linux ... or something. 

Anyway, to drive the point home yet again, Microsoft recently pointed out (by their reckoning, the basis of which was not really elaborated upon) that Windows XP is currently 21 times more likely to be infected by malware than Windows 8, and even Windows 7 is six times more likely to be infected that Windows 8. Now, while I am pretty sure that is based upon some carefully-constructed math, it does draw attention to the "old technology" of Windows XP and the potential risks of using it (or any older operating system) in today’s Internet setting.

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