Now A Jitterbug Smartphone

The original Jitterbug phone made no pretense of being anything other than what it was; a basic cell phone geared towards older users - seniors and boomers. It had a simplified, straightforward interface and a bifocal-friendly large display. Now, Great Call, Inc. have moved on to a similarly-positioned Smartphone called the Jitterbug 2 Touch. It's a $140 Android-powered device, with basic specifications and a simplified interface - along with several pre-loaded medical apps such as "Urgent Care" and "MedCoach".
So when we redesigned the Jitterbug, the original easy-to-use cell phone, we kept everything people loved and combined it with a sleek, new design and simplified features that you’ll actually enjoy using. The all-new Jitterbug Plus makes staying connected easier than ever. Navigating the menu functions is intuitive with “YES” and “NO” buttons, a backlit keypad and big, legible numbers. And, the improved speaker ensures your conversations will be loud and clear, making the Jitterbug an easy-to-use, big-button cell phone that’s ideal for seniors.

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