PC Sales Way Down; Tablet Sales Off Too

Sales of the traditional personal computer have been slipping rather dramatically for some time, and current forecasts for Western Europe are down 16% for 2013 over last year, and about 11% less than this time last year worldwide. Windows 8 and the Surface Tablet hardware have not helped, and may have even made things worse according to some. The general feeling was that skyrocketing tablet sales were largely to blame, and indeed some PC manufacturers have dropped traditional PCs to concentrate on tablets. While money may make the world go around, consumers have a finite amount of the green stuff, and now tablet sales are spluttering from the influx of larger phones (the so-called phablets - bigger than a phone, but smaller than a tablet), and the forthcoming slew of wearable mobile devices, such as Google Glass and "smart watches". Makes you glad you don't have to try and predict this stuff, doesn't it?

Sony's SmartWatch (image from Engadget)

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