Remember This? The Apple Newton

No, not the Fig Newton - the Apple Newton. Twenty-five years ago, the Newton was a very-much-before-it's-time product that crashed and burned - mostly because Apple made a hail Mary, and ended up fumbling the catch. As it turned out, it was the future and Apple was able to make good the second time around with the iPad.
So you either know the Newton and think it was a failure (think Trudeau’s famous handwriting cartoon), or you don’t and you’re wondering what the *bleep* I’m talking about. Sometimes things that don’t seem very significant early on end up having profound consequences.  And I admit, the Newton was a failure, too expensive and not quite good enough, and the world couldn’t even get the concept of a general-purpose computer in your hand. But oh – you could smell the future and get a tantalizing hint of what it would be. Remember – we’re talking 1993 here.

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