Remember This? The VW Microbus

After an astonishing 60 years, the VW Microbus is finally no more - they are no longer being made in Brazil, the country where old VWs frolic and play in their declining years.

The vehicle is known by many names - Type 2, Combi (or Kombi), Microbus, Minibus and is familiar to boomers and other children of the 60's as perhaps the definitive hippie-mobile; think of all the tie-dyed Microbuses you vaguely recall through a haze of time and intoxicating substances.

Officially production started in 1950 and ended in 1979, at least for Volkwagen - but in Brazil, production started in 1957 making the Kombi, and only ended because stricter Brazillian crash test requirements are now in effect.

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