Steve Ballmer Leaving Microsoft - So What?

Steve Ballmer, the enthusiastic and bombastic CEO of Microsoft since 2000, has announced he will retire from the company within the next year (and collect a nice little golden parachute at the same time). Following on the very poor reception of Windows RT tablet products, which cost the company a $900 million write-down, it seems a bit of an admission of failure - or perhaps just the response to inside pressure. In any case, Microsoft has lost several other major players in the last three years - people who were an integral part of the Windows, Server and Business divisions, such as Bob Muglia and Steve Sinofsky. Along with stinkers like Windows Vista and Surface RT, Ballmer's legacy has some high points; the XBox and Office 365 to name two. However, it looks like Microsoft is facing some big changes; a changing of the guard, maybe a change of direction, and perhaps the ability to mend some fences with their partners. But as my crystal ball runs Windows Vista and has crashed for the moment, we'll just have to wait and see together...

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