TV Is For Old Folk

As a member of the "old folk" baby boomer demographic myself, I have realized that traditional TV is on it's way out - well on it's way. When I speak of traditional TV, I mean broadcast TV with scheduled programming. All TV used to be over-the-air, like radio broadcasting. More likely than not you have cable or satellite now, but which still use the schedule format - i.e. Tuesday at 9pm is your favorite reality show, on channel so-and-so. Being a nation relatively free of anything resembling an attention span, however, we want to see things when we want to see them - not an entirely unreasonable request given the technology available to us - and so we find more use of DVRs and their ilk. Above and beyond all that, the younger population is moving even farther away from the traditional broadcast or even cable TV offerings - 13% of people under 35 years old in the US with broadband Internet connections get their TV via Hulu, Netflix et al. Like I said, TV is for old folk.

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