A Go-To Music Resource For Baby Boomers

Many boomers have special memories of place and time associated with the music of their younger years. It seems like those stick with you over time, and in some cases (I am a little guilty of this) you get "stuck" liking certain artists and types of music. An interesting website I have mentioned before is Valslist, which helps open eyes and ears to contemporary artists who may match up surprisingly well with your beloved Eagles, Steely Dan, CSNY, and so on. These are not cover bands, and often perform their own material - but the site helps you find similar musical styles. Val Holler's site is a great resource for music lovers, and may lead to unexpected discoveries that will open up new areas for your enjoyment.

Love good music but lost touch with the music scene? Career, family, studies take up all your time? Tune into valslist for a library of music that is off the charts – literally. We have new tunes that sound like your old stuff, covers and classic hits, and world music that will wow you.

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