An Ode To The Buckeyes

Living in the Columbus, Ohio area, one cannot helped but be involved to some degree in the traditions of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team; love 'em or hate 'em, it's a bit of a rite of passage in this part of the country. The opening game of the 2013 season was yesterday, and they they won. Whether they win or lose, it will be a main topic in the Columbus media until Tuesday, only to start up again Thursday as we look ahead to the next game....

Shortly after moving to Columbus about 6 years ago, I heard this "poem" for the first time; a sort of ode to the Buckeye faithful, and their abiding loathing of "that team up north" (like Voldemort, "Michigan" is seldom actually named around here). It's quite funny, and a bit rude in parts, but surprisingly true-to-life. This video version I found on YouTube that is nicely done - so enjoy, all you Buckeye fans.

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