Apple iPhone 5S - Why 64 Bits?

The Apple iPhone 5S is now out in the open, and is being promoted as the first 64-bit smartphone, among its other features. So, what does that mean for most of us? Truthfully, probably not much in the short term. The 64-bit architecture is a marketing dream, as it implies power and performance over other 32-bit devices. The 32- and 64-bit descriptors refer to the internal hardware architecture of the phones. The main advantages of 64-bit is that you can access more RAM (system memory), and can also handle data in bigger chunks - if the operating system and software are written to take advantage of it. Apple is not really saying how much RAM the iPhone 5S has (best guess is 1GB), but the 32-bit limit of 4GB is quite a lot for a smartphone. There are currently few if any apps written for 64-bit hardware, but iOS 7 (due out later this month) is reported to be a 64-bit operating system, and developers are being encouraged to start submitting 64-bit apps. So, at some point down the road, you may start to see the performance improvements of 64-bit - but right now, you can at least have bragging rights over any other smartphone users.

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