Apple Quickly Fixes iOS 7 Security Flaw

Apple's new version of their multi-platform mobile operating system, iOS 7, is making it's way onto more devices every day, and already a significant security issue has surfaced. The flaw means that if someone can get their paws on your i-device, they can bypass the lock screen and gain limited but meaningful access to various apps on the device (they can send texts, Tweets and so on "as you"). To their credit, Apple moved pretty nimbly on this, and the result is iOS 7 version 7.0.2, which fixes this problem. This is the second update since the initial release, and Apple has been (uncharacteristically?) responsive in getting fixes out. The more cynical among us might wonder a) if they knew about these already but rushed to get iOS 7 launched on schedule [and were thus able to get the fixes out more quickly] or b) if they should just have done a bit more testing and due diligence before originally releasing the new version.

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