Healthcare In Retirement - Broadening Your Horizons

Healthcare costs in retirement are a concern for many older Americans - whether we are currently in good health or not. The future is an unknown, both in terms of the state of healthcare in the USA, and as far as our own health; as we age, things start to stop working as they should and it should be anticipated there will likely be ongoing medical expenses of some kind for the vast majority of us. One option - which may seem pretty "way out" to many - is to take ourselves and our medical needs overseas. There are many countries where quality care is a fraction of the cost of that in the US, regardless of what happens with the Affordable Care Act and private medical insurance in the coming years.
When the U.S. government recognizes you as a bona fide resident of another country, you’re free of any Obamacare obligations, but you might also lose access to your Medicare benefits. Here are your three options for addressing your medical care requirements as a retiree in another country:
  • You could purchase a local insurance policy in the country where you relocate.
  • You could invest in an international insurance policy.
  • You could opt out of insurance altogether.
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