Many Americans Overwhelmed By Technology

A good number of Americans feel overwhelmed by technology, according to a recent Harris Poll. While most agree that tech has helped improve their lives, there is some burnout and a feeling that it's sometimes just "too much".
There also appears to be year-over-year erosion in how Americans feel technology is affecting several aspects of their lives. Though Americans are consistently more likely to report a positive impact than a negative one for all aspects tested, many of these perceived positive effects have declined in comparison to 2012:
  • My work productivity (down from 42% in 2012 to 34% in 2013)
  • My work life (41%-34%)
  • My safety and security (42%-36%)
  • My productivity at home (39%-34%)
  • Relationships with my family (43%-39%)
Additionally, the perception that technology has a negative effect on safety and security has grown by a third in the same period, from 15% in 2012 to 20% in 2013.

Though many research participants view IT solutions and services as a bridge to increased productivity and a better social life, these sentiments are clearly on the decline. And fewer people now view computers as a suitable escape from the growing demands in their daily lives. The Harris Poll also broke down results according to generational differences, and we've included highlights that focus on Baby Boomers and "Echo Boomers" (more commonly called Millennials or Gen Y). You may be surprised to find out which of the two groups has more negative impressions of information technology. - See more at:

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