Remember This? Myst

Twenty-five years ago, in 1993 - a long time in computer years - a computer game arrived that was quite audacious and groundbreaking in some ways. The game was Myst, and it relied heavily upon the rather new technology of the CD-ROM drive.

Myst, first released on the Mac, was not a dynamic game; in fact there was very little actual movement or animation, although there were some in-game video clips. Instead, the environment the player found themselves in was a computer-generated fantasy world, with mostly static, dreamy visuals and subtle sound effect (insects buzzing, water lapping, etc). 

This was a point-and-click puzzle game, but of a look and feel unlike anything else available at that time. Mesmerizing to some and downright boring to others, it nevertheless sold millions of copies, spawned several sequels, and showed people that computer games could be something really quite beautiful and immersive.

It remained the most popular computer game until The Sims came out in 2000. The short video below shows the intro to the game, and an uncharacteristically fast-paced trip through part of the environment.

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