Remember This? "Take On Me" Music Video

Back in the halcyon days of the 1980's, when MTV actually played music videos (younger readers may be shocked to learn that), there was a rather unique and memorable music video from Norwegian band A-ha that hit the airwaves in 1986; "Take On Me". The multi award-winning video told a fanciful story of a young woman daydreaming over a comic book, and then literally being "drawn in" to the events in the comic. The video is slickly edited and makes clever use of a (very old) movie technique known as rotoscoping - where in this case, live action frames are used as reference for drawn animations. The video ups the ante a bit more by mixing the live action and animation in a novel way in a couple of scenes. On top of all that the song itself was very much "of the time" and a little wacky, with a soaring falsetto vocal chorus. All in all, a very memorable experience that still actually holds up well almost 30 years later.

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