The 3 Million Mile Volvo

As a family, we have been know to break the 200,000 mile mark on our cars - several times in fact - but 3 million miles? That's a LOT of driving both for the car and its owner; that same owner's bottom has racked up 3 million miles and almost 50 years in the drivers' seat. The Volvo P1800 is the same model driven by Simon Templar (Roger Moore) in "The Saint" TV show in the 60's, and this one is owned by Irv Gordon. It's great publicity for Volvo too, of course, and they have put up a website to celebrate the car and it's owner.
“It’s not about getting to the three million miles; it’s about the trips that got me to the three million miles,” Gordon said. “I never had a goal to get to one million, to two million. I just enjoyed driving and experiencing life through my Volvo.”

Along the way, his car has been to nine countries, stopped at 800 Waffle Houses, and been in 11 accidents in its 47 years, reports AOL Autos.

The Saint and his Volvo

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