Weekly Round-Up

That was quite a week, with Apple's long-anticipated iPhone 5S and 5C releases and a continuation of the drip, drip, drip of NSA revelations. Anyway, here are my usual weekly collection of links to items of interest I saw over the last few days.

SSD annual failure rates around 1.5%, HDDs about 5% - lower is better, folks. Nice to start seeing some real-world long term data starting come out.

NSA disguised itself as Google to spy - hmm, spoofing by the spooks

The best non-alcoholic beer - a blind (not blind drunk) taste test of interest to those of us who sometimes just want to knock one back without the complications of alcohol

Crime against senior citizens - it ain't Mayberry out there, folks

5 surprising things you can find on Twitter - okay, several aren't really 'surprising', but it's an informative list if you are wondering what Twitter is all about

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