A Nanobot A Day...

Nanobots and nanotechnology are a couple of terms that cause many folk's eyes to glaze over. Nanotechnology is "the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale" (Wikipedia), and has applications in very many areas - which is partly I think why it is so confusing to many of us (besides, it's a difficult thing to conceive of).

Nanobots refer to very, very, small machines or robots, often deployed in large numbers ("swarms"). One way to think of it may be analogous to white blood cells doing their "pre-programmed work" in the human body - but these are man-made "blood cells".
Microscopic robots may soon be detecting and even preventing diseases instantly at doctors' offices across the nation, eliminating the need for multiple tests or treatment plans.
It may sound like science fiction, but one of the nation's top nanotechnology scientists said it could be only four or five years away.
"I think it's coming pretty soon," said Dr. Shree Singh, the director of the Center for NanoBiotechnology Research at Alabama State University. "In the near future, you will have some small nanomachines that will basically cure the disease before it even happens. Basically any kind of disease diagnosis or prevention can be done through nanobiotechnology." 

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