A New Take On The Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarm is one of those things we love to hate; it's an annoying lifesaver. Nest Labs - found by a former Apple engineer - is tarting-up the humble smoke detector with WiFi connectivity (of course) and voice announcements instead of just mindless loud beeps.
Instead of incessant, rapid beeping, the Protect beeps intermittently and a robot voice alerts the home owner about what is happening, with messages like “Heads-up, there’s smoke in the bedroom” or “Emergency, there’s smoke.” The notifications also can be sent to the home owner’s smartphone through the Nest app.
Very civilized. Less civilized is the expected $130 price; not way out of line for a high-end smoke alarm, but certainly a good chunk of change for such a (usually) humble device.
Image: ArsTechnica

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