Microsoft Calls Out Windows XP

If you read this blog with any frequency at all, you probably know that Microsoft will stop official support for Windows XP in April 2014 - which is not that far away.  That means no more updates for security problems or anything else after that time. There are still a LOT of people using Windows XP, and there will probably still be a lot after support ends, which opens them up to a veritable turkey shoot of security issues. Microsoft is doing everything it can to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about the future of XP, and while it's self-serving, it's also potentially a very real problem for a lot of users. The latest report focuses on a couple of things; not only will XP computers suffer from un-patched issues, but XP is already behind the curve in terms of security compared to the newer Windows versions. 
Why are Windows XP users more vulnerable now? Because Microsoft has steadily incorporated defensive technologies into Windows with each new version. The only major technology XP had was Data Execution Prevention (DEP), and even the implementation of that has improved greatly in subsequent versions.

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