Not Everyone Embraces The AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons, now AARP Inc, was founded in 1958 and is based in Washington DC. It operates as a non-profit advocate for it's members - people aged 50 and over - and is a powerful lobbying group. However, it may not be for everyone; in this seemingly hyper-partisan age there are AARP positions that make some uncomfortable - the big one at present being on the Affordable Care Act. While the AARP is statedly non-partisan, it is perceived to lean Democratic/Liberal on some social issues, and that has created an opening for some "anti-AARP" organizations that attempt to offer some of the same services, but with either a stated or unstated Conservative leaning.
AARP, founded in 1958 by retired teachers needing health insurance coverage, was built into a lobbying powerhouse by Depression-era seniors who were diehard New Deal Roosevelt Democrats. Boomers, by comparison, "are more economically conservative, more politically diverse and less dependent on social largesse," MacManus said. "I think the boomers are a question mark, and I don't know what eventually will happen with AARP."
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