Our Nook Upgrade

Being on a bit of a budget, we tend to be canny at our house when making purchases. So, when Mrs Oldgoat's beloved Nook Simple Touch With Glowlight started having some battery issues (and was out of warranty), I looked around at a (surprise) replacement for her. While she loves the e-paper screen (and it is great for reading), she uses it in bed a lot with the glowlight and so I figured it might make sense to do a bit of consolidation of devices - she also has an older, compact media player (also showing the battery blues). 

After some digging, I settled on a Nook Color. Now this is not the new Nook HD, which is more of a full-fledged tablet, similar to a Nexus 7;  the Nook Color is an older product, which as it turns out is a nice sort of bridge between being "just" and eReader and a full tablet. It has WiFi connectivity, web browsing and so on if you want to use it - but is primarily a color eReader with an LCD screen. It has 8GB of storage which is expandable via an SD Card - even so, 8GB holds quite a few books and a couple of movies. The good news is that you can get new ones for well under $100 on Amazon, etc. 

So far, it's going well; she has familiar controls, including the hardware "Nook" button, she can read her books and also listen to music and watch videos. The LCD screen is actually very nice for an "older" product, and easy on the eye. There are also contrast adjustments you can make to your taste (black text on white, black text on light gray, white text on black). When this one eventually wears out, my wife will likely be comfortable enough to graduate to whatever tablet device is available then, if that's what she wants.

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