Thunderbirds Are Go! - Again

Once again, Thunderbirds Are Go! - or at least they will be in 2015 with a new CGI based version of the 1960's kids TV show, 50 years after it's first run. Gerry Anderson, who passed away in 2012, created a slew of  Sci-Fi TV shows for kids in the 1960's based upon the use of marionettes to depict the characters - the 2004 comedy Team America World Police was a modern revival of the genre (but not for kids). This time around, the WETA company (yes, the Gollum folks) will be providing the CGI Thunderbirds crew, which could be pretty cool. In 2005, there was a CGI version of Captain Scarlet And The Mysterions (a later Anderson puppet show), titled New Captain Scarlet, which was a bit more sophisticated than the original and may have suffered a bit from the way it ended up being presented on TV. The new CGI Thunderbirds may be better than the live action Thunderbirds movie from 2004, which despite some fun moments and great visuals, was a bit of a let down.

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