Two Very Different Medical Breakthroughs

Reading Slashdot today, I saw stories on two medical breakthroughs - and in some respects they could not be more different; they both could help a lot of people, but the more "serious" one is struggling for money to complete it's testing. They are a medical "cure" for baldness, and a potential vaccine against Type 1 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is the one that usually affects older people, whereas Type 1 can be a lifelong battle for all ages. Apparently, Type 1 is caused by a virus, and as such a vaccine is possible and has been tested successfully on animals. However, the Finnish team working on this is having trouble raise the multi-million dollar tab to undergo full clinical trials. A perhaps less critical project - growing hair on bald heads - is moving right along. Of course, there can be serious, life-altering situations where hair growth is important, such as for burn victims, or those suffering from other diseases affecting hair growth, but in the big scheme of things it would seem that Type 1 Diabetes might be a more worthy project to tackle first.

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