When You Can't Use Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office was introduced in 1990, and became the de facto office suite over the years, particularly in larger businesses - and it still is, in large part. However, it can be expensive, and for smaller businesses and home users contains a lot of features many of us may never use or need. Recently, many small businesses have tried out Google Docs for their documents needs. For the rest of us, there are a few free alternatives to Microsoft Office that can open, work with, and save MS Office documents, or create new documents in an Office-compatible format. These free alternatives can accommodate Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents at a minimum. Personally, I use either Libre Office on my Linux laptop, or Kingston Office 2013 Free (review here at CNET) on our Windows 7 PC. GCFLearnfree has a round-up of 4 free Office-compatible work-alikes.

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