Windows 8.1 - The Ups And Downs

Windows 8.1 - the upgrade to Windows 8 which was released in 2012 - is out October 18th and it has been generally perceived as a more polished version of Windows 8. Despite the interface change and some other quirks and odd design decisions, Windows 8 was a fast and stable OS - not one I particularly liked, but that's just me. Windows 8.1 is more of the same; Microsoft has listened to some complaints and made changes (although the revived "Start" button is not what you may think it is). If you are still on the fence, you should be aware that official support for Windows 8 is scheduled to end in October 2015 - a ways off, but something to keep in mind. BetaNews has a brief but informative article on the upgrade process here  - the costs (basically free to Windows 8 users) and the gotchas.

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