A Replacement For Willpower

For those of us that are overweight - which seems to be most of us in the Western world these days - losing weight, or staying at a desired weight is a maddeningly difficult thing to attain. People who enjoy a normal weight will helpfully admonish us, logically enough, to "just eat less", but us fatties seem to have something going on that makes that difficult to sustain (and it's not always that we are just hogs). There is research into a genetic approach to all this; implantable gene material that would trigger the "full" response in overweight human bodies. It seems to work in mice; however people - with a few exceptions - are not mice. I don't know that manufactured willpower is the answer, but we do know that being overweight to a significant degree is not a natural state for the human body, and can cause bad things to happen.
According to the WHO, over half the population in many industrialized nations is overweight, one in three people extremely so, with high-calorie and fatty food a lifetime on the hips, backside and stomach. This also leaves traces in the blood, where various fats ingested via food circulate — a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.

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