Chromebooks, Chrome And Chromium

There is a lot of Chrome flashing around at the moment, and it's not found on car bumpers anymore. You may have noticed quite a bit of technology with the Chrome moniker attached to it - so, what's it all about? Well, Google seems to like the name; Chrome is Google's popular web browser, and it's built upon the foundation of the open-source Chromium web browser. It is available on various platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, etc.

A Chromebook is a laptop device, also from Google and it runs on the Chrome OS - a lightweight operating system based upon Linux and using the Chrome browser we just mentioned as the primary interface. In effect, the Chrome browser and apps are all you really see in Chrome OS. Chromebooks are fairly low-powered devices from Google and retail partners like Samsung, and rely on an Internet connection for much of their productivity - it's primarily a cloud-based system. It's a little confusing, but if you just think of Google, you have a pretty good handle on it...

Samsung Chromebook - image from ZDNET

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