Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7

Internet Explorer - Microsoft's flagship, baked-in web browser - is now available for Windows 7 as Internet Explorer 11. IE 11 was also part of the Windows 8.1 upgrade, although it's not available for Windows 8 itself. Right now, IE 11 is a separate download for Windows 7 but in the future it will be "pushed out" as part of Windows Updates - something Microsoft has been doing more aggressively of late, partly because rival browsers Chrome and Firefox have a "rapid release" update schedule. Windows XP and Vista users can't upgrade Internet Explorer. Oddly (to me anyway), Microsoft is pushing an Anime persona as a representative of IE 11...must be getting old indeed, I don't quite get that (see below).
Inori Aizawa is her name, and according to her Facebook page she is the "personification of Internet Explorer".
"When I was younger, I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl," she relates. "However, just like the story of ugly duckling, people told me that I have really matured and changed over the years. I feel confident in my abilities now, and I'm eager to show you what I can do."

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