Remember This? The Cold War

Many baby boomers lived a large part of their lives during the period known as The Cold War - the period from the end of the Second World War until late 1991, when the Soviet Union crumbled.
The Soviet Union and the United States, two nations that had never been enemies on any field, and which had fought side by side during WWII, were now undeclared enemies in a war that would never break out in the open, but which would last for more than fifty years.

When in 1949 the Soviet Union developed its first atomic bomb, the confrontation between the USA and the USSR escalated to the nuclear level, and humanity trembled at the prospect of a global nuclear catastrophe.

The 1950s introduced America to one of the darkest and most illiberal ideas in its political and social history – McCarthyism.  The government, and even private enterprise, recklessly accused thousands of Americans of being Communists or fellow travelers and sympathizers, and subjected them to interrogation, investigation and sanctions.

TodayIFoundOut has a great article "How Did The Cold War Start And End?"

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