Banks With No Tellers

One of the things about growing past middle age is you have (obviously) lived a long time, and have seen a lot of things change. In the last century, we have seen staggering technological progress, along with associated changes in society - and it sometimes feels difficult to get a handle on things, to get your bearings. So, in the spirit of turning things upside down, how about banks with no tellers -  how would you feel about that?
In five years, PNC Bank says, two-thirds of its branches won't have tellers. The reason is customers like Michael Mercado.

The Lancaster Township resident figures he's visited a bank branch exactly once this year.

"The strip on my debit card wasn't working," said Mercado, a regional vice president for pretzel company Auntie Anne's. "I went into the branch to get a new card."

Apart from that, Mercado and his wife do their banking using ATMs, computers and mobile phones, he said.

Judging that such habits are becoming the norm, PNC has decided to convert two-thirds of its locations within five years to a "universal branch" format that eliminates traditional teller windows, William Demchak, CEO of The PNC Financial Services Group Inc., told industry analysts this week.
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