Don't Bring A Drone To A Robot Fight

First we had Amazon's proposal to have a special aerial drone package delivery at some point in a frankly ridiculous-sounding future, now Google is revealed to be plotting to bring a robot army to life (sort of). Google is pulling together a robotics department on the quiet, but their goal seems to be (at least at first) just helping out with electronics assembly work, and not replacing UPS drivers.
The difference between Amazon’s drone stunt and Google’s retail robot skunkworks, run by Andy Rubin, is that it seems far more serious. While Amazon released an unrealistic marketing video that had little to do with how its operations really work, Markoff’s sources say that Google is taking incremental steps to automate steps all along the consumer-product supply chain, from manufacturing to shipping.
"No - I don't work for Amazon, you bucket of bolts."

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