Saturday George Is Getting Upset!

This whole website thing is really starting to get under my skin. To quote Seinfeld's George Costanza character's third person rant: "George is getting upset!". I'm sorry to those who may be supporting the president's efforts to bring "affordable care" to all, but this amateur-hour implementation is frankly disgraceful. I won't rant and rave at length, and I am not even talking about the ACA itself here, just the website part. 

Consider the following:

1 - the front end of the website (the part we all see) is only now starting to work with some consistency, after three years and half a billion dollars.

2 - the back end of the website - where the transactions are processed (the really important part) - is still not working properly. Still. Not. Working. Properly.

3 - the security of the website - a website where your most personal information will be stored from now on - was apparently not a high priority and is reportedly woeful and amateurish.

Regardless of my opinion of the ACA concept itself, this website is a bloody disgrace - and I am shocked and disappointed that apparently no-one is being held accountable; all we get is finger-pointing and doubletalk. I guess government is the big curtain, behind which the wizard works.

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