No Mom, Microsoft Will Not Call You About Viruses

Let's just say it loud and clear; Microsoft or Apple will NOT call you out of the blue to "help" you with your computer.

In a type of classic telephone scam that has been going on for years, you could get a call from "Microsoft" or "Windows" or "Apple support" or some such official-sounding entity saying they are concerned over your infected computer and will offer to "help" you.

Don't fall for it. You will end up giving out credit card details to God-knows-who, pay some fee for the "fix", and probably end up with some kind of malware installed on your PC - the gift that keeps on giving.

Most computer users will have some kind of issue going on at any given time, so it gives a hint of authenticity to one of those colds calls; "You know, my computer did freeze up the other day!", you think to yourself.
If you receive a call from someone who claims to be “from Microsoft” or “from Windows,” the best thing to do would be to just hang up immediately. You can attempt to report the call, but these calls are coming from international numbers — often from India — and it’s honestly unlikely that much action will be taken against them. It’s been five years and such scams are ongoing in spite of some attempts at enforcement.
These scams continue because people continue to fall for them. If people stopped falling for the scams, they’d be a waste of time and would stop. The best way to stop them is to spread the word and ensure people won’t fall for these tricks.
HowToGeek has a full write-up on this kind of malarkey, and you should read the whole article here.

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