Okay, What Do You Actually DO With A Tablet?

Tablet computers of all sizes and prices are flying of the shelves this year, but a lot of people (yes, mostly us bewildered boomers and seniors) still wonder what do you actually do with these sleek, Star Trek-looking contraptions? For someone who is familiar with a traditional PC, it seems odd to see people intently poking their fingers at these small, unassuming devices. 

While tablet computers are generally thought of as "content consumption" devices rather than "productivity" devices, that could be said of many home PCs - most of us use them to simply view videos or movies, listen to music, surf the web and knock out some emails. These are hardly Herculean tasks, and just about any tablet will let you do those things - probably more simply and more comfortably than with a PC (when snuggled up on the couch, for example).

If you splash out a little more and get a tablet with a data plan, you can have a device that you can use on the Internet almost anywhere you can use a cell phone. Bear in mind a data plan is an ongoing cost. And yes, in case you wondered, a tablet is a lot like a modern smartphone but without the phone part. If you have noticed, smartphones are getting bigger - and some are now referred to as "phablets" (phone tablets) because they are getting close to the size of a smaller tablet.

If you use your tablet at home, most people just connect to their home WiFi connection to provide the Internet connection. In case you need more inspiration, Lifehacker has the "Top Ten Worthwhile Uses For Tablets".

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