Robots In Your Old Age

"What if robots could cuddle?" That's the title of an article on dealing with the prospect of coping with and caring for the huge wave of older people (I guess I should include myself in that group) that is going to put tremendous strain upon our healthcare and other medical and social resources.

It's an interesting and thought-provoking read; can a new breed of robotic assistants be used to help minister to the boomers and seniors that either need or soon will need that kind of extended care?
Robotics is rapidly developing. With the new realities of aging alone, robotic hands will be developed to do more than the daily work of helping you dress, or preparing your breakfast. They will also be far more than the current generation of social 'bots designed to communicate but not connect. The nextgen robotic hand will be the hand that touches yours. If robots can be made to touch with sensitivity, not just with mechanical precision, is the next step giving step a hug and then a cuddle? And, if so, would you cuddle with them?

From the movie "Robot and Frank"

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