Teens Fleeing Facebook

Facebook is losing the teen audience; now that Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa are roaming around the social network, it's not cool anymore. So, according to an ongoing UK study, 16-18 years olds are bailing and going to other networks like Twitter and Instagram.  And yet, it's probably not too worrisome for Facebook, as it's likely those same people will drift back as they get older.
But all that really matters to the service is what happens after teens go off to college and enter “the real world.” How will they stay in touch with old friends and connect with new friends as they enter the crucial 18-to-25-year-old demographic in which lifestyle and purchasing habits are formed?
For the most part, this older demographic doesn’t turn to tools like Snapchat or Instagram to maintain long-term relationships. Those tools are great for conversing with your immediate social circle, especially when you still live with your parents and have to keep stuff on the down-low. But they’re not replacements for a comprehensive social tool you can tailor to all sorts of needs.

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