The Internet Is Rapidly Becoming Tiresome

We all have some idea of the privacy concerns inherent in Internet use these days, but have you ever stepped back and examined all the nonsense we often get pushed through just to actually get any information from site X,Y or Z. For instance, the old "please give us your email address" is still going strong, but you also sometimes "have to" use a social media account to get anywhere - which is at least tiresome and off-putting, and at worst intrusive.
This is becoming an all-too-familiar request. It starts out innocently enough—an e-mail address! It just wants an e-mail address. An e-mail address is easy to give, and newsletters are easy to unsubscribe from. Better use a real one in case you actually like anything on the site.

But a “submit” later, and it turns out it’s not just your e-mail address that the site wants. Really, if you just give your full name and make up a password, the site promises, pinky swear, you’ll be able to get through to the actual material. You hand that over too, only to find yourself in the next few days on a 20-e-mail-a-week roller coaster ride, from which you can only get off if you unsubscribe by logging in using that password you’ve now forgotten. That's too much effort; you commit the e-mails to spam so they can backfill your Web e-mail storage for eternity.

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