Well, *Something* Is Using Up My Data Plan!

Smartphone users (and some tablet users) use a data plan from their service provider. A typical smartphone has a phone plan and a data plan - the latter is what allows you to connect to the Internet almost anywhere, and use your apps and so on. Most data plans are "capped" though - meaning they are limited in some way (even though many might imply they are "unlimited"). You may have to pay some additional charge if you go over your monthly data allowance, or perhaps your bandwidth will be greatly reduced until the next plan month starts. In any case, it makes sense to know what apps are using what big gobs of data, so you can be smart about your data usage. A new site,, helps you do just that.
Served up by CTIA - The Wireless Association, a Web site dubbed tells you how many megabytes -- or gigabytes, even -- are chewed up by key mobile apps during a typical month of use. The site calculates its figures by measuring someone using the app three times a day under certain scenarios.

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