2014 Sees The Last Of The Baby Boomers Turning 50

Here they come, bringing up the end of the parade, just as they always have: The youngest members of the baby boom generation begin turning 50 on New Year’s Day. Happy birthday, youngest boomers, and welcome to your AARP cards and discounted Denny’s meals.

The huge postwar spike in births that began in 1946 – the baby boom – concluded in 1964 with the births of 4,484,000 people. Almost 31,000 of them live in the four-county Sacramento region, according to U.S. Census figures.

At 76 million strong, the baby boom’s sheer numbers have for better and for worse shaped American culture for decades. But for the youngest members of the demographic, sharing the generational time frame does not mean sharing the same experiences and attitudes, not in their youth and not as they pass 50 and head toward their older years.

Read the article "2014 Brings A Milestone For Last Of The Baby Boomers" at the Sacramento Bee

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