Does Instant Availability Detract From The "Magic"?

At the risk of sounding like an old coot (which in some respects I am), there was a time when some special events were, well, special because of their rarity. Movies were not available on VHS tapes, DVDs or Blu-Ray, and radio and TV shows were live most of the time.

For reference, think of the depictions of life in older movies, where you would gather round the radio on a specific day at specific time for your favorite show. The big thing these days of course, is to be able to get almost any kind of content "on demand", to satisfy our seemingly insatiable desire to slurp up media of all kinds. 

With events like the Superbowl, instead of anticipating the usual collection of clever, funny or weird commercials - you can see most of them ahead of time on YouTube. Great for the brands involved of course, but it take a bit of the magic away I think - although I suppose if one is seeking magic in TV commercials, that's maybe not the best place to look.

Think of the 1984 Superbowl and the Apple Mac commercial - it was only really shown once in that special setting, and yet it is still remembered as an outstanding piece or marketing.

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