Zoom Your Browser For Easier Reading

If you are like me - wear bifocals and occasionally need to squint to read some web pages - there is a simple method to "zoom in" to the browser window. Web pages are usually designed to adjust themselves to match the resolution of your screen, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it.

When viewing the page, press the CTRL key and the "+" key to increase the "magnification" and CTRL and the "-" key to return to normal, or to zoom out further. CTRL and "0" should return to normal view.

This works on all the major PC browsers; in the Apple Safari browser on Mac OS X, you can use the similar "Apple" key and the "+" or "-" key, and Apple and the "0" key will return to normal view. On a tablet or smartphone, you can use finger gestures to zoom in or out as needed.

Windows Browsers
CTRL and + ... zoom in
CTRL and -  ... zoom out
CTRL and 0 ... normal view

OS X Safari Browser
Apple key and + ... zoom in
Apple key and - ... zoom out
Apple key and 0 ... normal view

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