3 Easy Ways To Save Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones are remarkable for what they can do - and for pretty much stuffing a room full of electronics into something the size of a chocolate bar. Also remarkable is the fact that they run as long as they do on those skinny little batteries.

There are a lot of things going on to wear those batteries out, and if you can tweak any of them, you can gain a fair bit of extra time between charges. The three biggest offenders are listed below, and these would affect any brand of smart phone; Apple, Android-based, Blackberry, etc, and are presented in no particular order.

1 - Screen brightness - if your device has the ability to automatically adjust the screen brightness depending on the ambient light, use that feature - otherwise, there are apps that can do that, such as Lux for Android devices.

2 - WiFi - while using it will save on your data plan usage, turn it off if you are just walking around (there are some apps that can help manage WiFi too).

3 - GPS  - can be very useful of course, but is one of those things you should probably leave off until you actually need it.

That wasn't so hard now, was it?

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