A Website Screwup

Here is a story about a major foul-up at multiple government-run heath website locations that has nothing to do with In the UK, hundreds of National Health Service (NHS) websites are compromised with the result that visitors face being redirected to sites hosting malware - not the kind of nonsense you want to deal with when you are just trying to get health information.
A Reddit user who goes by the name of Muzzers spotted the attack, and claimed that there are over 800 NHS website URLs that have been compromised so far. At the time of writing it seems that the problem is still ongoing, so we'd advise avoiding NHS websites for now.

Muzzers said, "So while attempting to access flu shot information I stumbled upon a page which redirected me to an advertisement. Digging a bit deeper I found hundreds more pages which redirect to either an advertisement or malware infested page.

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