"Grumpy Old Men Are Real" Shocker

If you are male, and live beyond 70 years of age, a new study suggests you may well become a grumpy old man. Once again, I am a little surprised we put money and time into researching stuff like this; if you are over 70 years old, your health is likely going downhill, you may well have lost a spouse or a close friend (more likely friends), and you are coming to terms with the fact that "the end is nigh". Being a bit out of sorts is a surprise?
The new study found evidence for all three theories, and depended on whether a person focused on life's "hassles" or "uplifts." Men also appraised these hassles and uplifts in proportion to their age: males noted life was good through their 60s, yet "hassles" started to take over once they entered their 70s.
However, life perception still greatly depends on the individual.
"What we found was that among 80 per cent of the men in the study, the hassles they encounter from their early 50s on tended to decline until they reached about 65 to 70 years of age, and then they rose," Aldwin notes. "Conversely, about 20 per cent of the men perceived experiencing more uplifting events until they turned 65-70 and they begin to decline.

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