Movie House Memories

Here we go - I am slipping into old fart mode again; remember when going to the movies was a bit of a magical (or at least special) experience, rather that the noisy ordeal it often seems to be these day?

Back in the days when I was a little kid (the early sixties), even the small Scottish town I grew up in had at least one "nice" movie theater, which had a big set of marble stairs leading to the auditorium, and a real sit-down restaurant.

If you are not familiar with those kinds of "picture palaces" of yesteryear, Gizmodo has a great article featuring a bunch of photos - it's pretty cool.

[Franck] Bohbot's beautiful medium format images portray the ornate, and sometimes garish, elegance of California movie theaters. Many of them, such as the Grand Lake theater in Oakland, or the Crest Westwood in Los Angeles, were built in first half of the twentieth century and feature incredible art deco design.

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