Parrotheads And Drones

Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett has enjoyed a fanatical - if laid back - following for years among boomers and others. These "Parrotheads" as they are collectively known have come to revel in Buffet's live shows, which cultivate a party atmosphere in keeping with the style of Buffet's music.

What most Parrotheads probably don't know is that Buffet is a bit of a technology geek; "his life" is on his iPad mini, and he has been experimenting with drones to incorporate video footage into his shows. Currently, the drones move through the parking lot of the various locations before the show and take video of the pre-show revelry, some of the footage is then put into that night's show, so the audience can see themselves.

The next step would be perhaps to do some live streaming during the show, as the drone swoops around the auditorium. In the short video below Buffett, who is now in his late sixties, speaks with TekZilla's Patrick Norton about his music, his drones, and his tech life.

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