Printing From A Google Chromebook

This is probably one of those things that comes up once you have opened up the box and played around with your new toy for a while. You go to print something and suddenly realize "Hmmm, how do I actually DO that?" You will find that your can't actually physically connect a printer to the Chromebook (even though the Chromebook does have a USB port). You have basically two options; use the Google Cloud Print service and a printer that directly supports it (as you might for an Android tablet), or use a physical computer connected to the printer, where the computer also has the Cloud Print service installed on it. 

In the latter example, the printer itself does not need to support Cloud Printing - it's getting the print job form the attached PC. Bear in mind that Chrome OS (the operating system that runs on the Chromebook) has pretty much the same functionality as the Chrome Browser. So while you get a lightweight Cloud-centric operating system, there will be some compromises (a point that Microsoft enjoys hammering home in it's ads).

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